50 Awesome Blogs for True Tea Aficionados

The most popular hot beverage on the planet, tea in some fashion has been enjoyed for millennia. With a lovely variety likely to suit nearly every palate imaginable, it receives considerable renown for its antioxidant properties and other healthful benefits. As with all other aficionados, passionate tea drinkers boast their own unique set of rituals, tastes and cultural (and sub-cultural) tics. In the following blogs – listed in no particular order – connoisseurs of the cuppa expound upon a number of relevant topics, voicing their opinions, sharing recommendations and recipes, exploring the latest accessories and much more. Tune in to what they have to say for a nice composite on the multifaceted tea culture.

1.) The Voice of Tea

Anything an ardent tea fan could ever want in a blog pops up here at Voice of Tea, which posts up everything from the plants’ rich histories to the usual discussions regarding health benefits.

2.) Tea Guy Speaks

This must-bookmark resource covers a wide variety of tea-related topics for people who enjoy a simple cuppa and ardent aficionados alike.

3.) Heaven of Tea

Official blog of Teavana, a popular distributor of numerous varieties, Heaven of Tea discusses the business of selecting and distributing the world’s favorite beverage.

4.) T Ching

With a passion for tea, design and health, the writers and developers behind T Ching provide visitors with an amazing resource on all things tea.

5.) Insani-TEA Blog

Stop by this fun, accessible site for recipes and information on “every nook and cranny of the wide world of tea.”

6.) The 39 Steeps

Steven Knoerr loves tea, and uses his corner of the internet to spread his passion for the plant through a number of eclectic postings and tasting notes.

7.) English Tea Blog

The English Tea Store mainly emphasizes – SURPRISE! – English tea, though it does discuss other varieties and origins from time to time as well.

8.) Mellow Monk’s Green Tea Blog

Step into the wonderful, healthy world of the much-beloved green tea – and be sure to check out the amazing archives dating all the way back to 2004!

9.) Little Yellow Teapot Tea Reviews

Read through an extensive catalog of tea reviews spanning an impressive spectrum of varieties, opting to either browse by brand or by type.

10.) Teapots Teapots Teapots

Teapots not only play an integral role in brewing up the perfect cuppa, but they also stand on their own as fine works of art and craftsmanship, too!

11.) The Tea Scoop

Anyone who loves tea can appreciate this neat blog that drips with passion, insight and information.

12.) The Tea Review Blog

The Tea Review Blog should be on every fanatic’s bookmark list, and they should check it every day to read expert opinions on the newest brands and selections.

13.) Mad Blog of Tea!

When searching for a little adventure, try the highly enjoyable Mad Blog of Tea for tips and tricks regarding blends.

14.) Steph’s Cup of Tea

Pleasant and useful, blogger Steph keeps her little corner of the tea blogging community accessible to all visitors.

15.) Lainie Sips

Lainie Petersen does not purport any expertise in the field of tea, but she still has some wonderful things to say on the subject all the same.

16.) Gongfu Girl

Focusing mainly on Asian teas, this fantastic, educational blog covers both the beverage, its associated paraphernalia and distinct culture.

17.) Tea Masters

One of Stéphane Erler’s greatest passions involves talking tea with masters in Taiwan and beyond and sharing their stories with a curious audience.

18.) The Taste of English Tea Blog

Another offering by the English Tea Store, offering up in-depth postings on anything and everything related to the world’s most popular beverage.

19.) Indie Teas

Looseleaf and looseleaf accessories are the name of the game here, but Neil Desai does not scrimp on other fun little tea tidbits along the way.

20.) Tea Escapade

Tea Escapade features some excellent recipes, reviews, ruminations and more for the ardent aficionado.

21.) The Sip Tip

Adam Yusko mostly writes reviews of teas – mostly greens – and relevant accessories and books.

22.) Sir William of the Leaf

Predominantly a review site, Sir William of the Leaf describes the brews in question with impressive eloquence.

23.) A Tea Addict’s Journal

“Tea addiction” in this case covers more than just reviews and other musings. Be sure to read up on the history, culture and etiquette protocols as well!

24.) An International Tea Moment

One of the most beautiful elements of tea involves intercultural communication and exchanges, though the unethical labor practices utilized by some definitely weigh down this facet. But when situations are fair, bridging gaps between peoples makes for one of its strongest assets.

25.) The Half-Dipper

Spiritual, soothing and creative, The Half-Dipper pays homage to Chinese culture and tea through reviews, ruminations and gentle haiku as well as describes the Chinese gongfu-style tea preparation in detail.

26.) MattCha’s Blog

This blogger knows and loves his teas, lovingly describing his finds and travels with anyone who wants to hear what he has to say.

27.) Black Dragon Tea Bar

Located in Seattle, the Black Dragon Tea Bar wants to spread a love of tea and tea culture – particularly Chinese – beyond Washington’s borders.

28.) Sip Locally

Although the efforts of an independent tea house in Florida, Sip Locally has plenty of information to benefit its international readership.

29.) Wrong Fu Cha

Explore the world and culture of different teas through some amazingly detailed photographs and stories.

30.) Tea Goober

Hit up Tea Goober for news and views on a plethora of different Asian varieties, predominantly Pu erh.

31.) Teaviews.com

With over 3,300 reviews (and counting!), the Teaviews blog makes for an essential online resource for true tea aficionados.

32.) Joie de Tea

Both a blog and a shop, Joie de Tea offers up almost everything that fans of the brewed beverage could possibly need in an online resource.

33.) Bon Teavant

From grower to teapot, this multimedia blog explores all the ins and outs of tea culture in America – a region where coffee reigns as the preferred beverage.

34.) The Teatropolitan Times

Another must-bookmark resource for tea fanatics, this blog sports a glossary, reviews of different varieties and accessories, a glossary of terms and more!

35.) Camellia Sinensis

The Imperial Tea Court of San Francisco – an alliance of multiple Chinese teahouses and teaware suppliers – updates frequently regarding its latest happenings, discoveries, advice and more.

36.) Tea Obsession

Discussions regarding oolongs comprise the majority of Tea Obsession’s content, but other types do make an appearance from time to time.

37.) Tea Arts

Run by the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association, this amazing resource makes for one of the most informative reads for beginner and experienced tea fanatics alike.

38.) teasquared

All facets of tea and tea appreciation – from reviews to history – end up covered here, making it another must-bookmark for avowed drinkers in search of the tastiest cuppa.

39.) Wonders of Tea

Politics, culture, current events and health reports regarding the much-beloved plant characterize this fantastic and popular blog.

40.) Walker Tea Review

Jason Walker blends his love of multimedia with a passion for tea to bring visitors a blog featuring video reviews of a broad spectrum of brands and types.

41.) Bearsblog

Pu reh fanatics have a blog to call home, where they can pop on by and read reviews of the latest leaves and tips and tricks on how to enjoy them to their fullest potential.

42.) CHA DAO

Many different contributors offer up their own thoughts on both tea and tea culture alike with the hopes of spreading the love and exchanging ideas and opinions.

43.) The Leaf

Online magazine The Leaf presents its articles in blog format, separated by issue number. Their content mainly revolves around crossroads between tea and Taoism.

44.) Life in Teacup

An English-Chinese translator reflects not only on tea’s physical benefits, but how it helps to promote good health and cultural understanding. Be sure to also stop by for brewing tips, too!

45.) About.com: Coffee/Tea

Those who enjoy both coffee and tea will certainly appreciate the detailed postings available through About.com’s dedicated portal.

46.) The Mandarin’s Tea

Very popular, The Mandarin’s Tea Room expounds upon a wide number of relevant topics – reviews, travels, advice and more.

47.) Tea&co.

Even those who do not speak Spanish can still marvel at the artistry on display here, with cups and pots suitable for varying tastes. Anyone with the time to run the blog through Google Translate will be met with some fine recipes and recommendations.

48.) teaspoons & petals

Fashionable tea drinkers who wish to indulge their tastebuds and look good doing it can certainly appreciate what teaspoons & petals means to accomplish.

49.) Tea and Talk

Sip a cuppa and enjoy a nice chit-chat about all things tea – from the casual to the oh-so-classy and everything in between.

50.) Tea For Me Please

Nicole Ann Martin drinks quite a bit of tea, and she shares her favorites and not-so-favorites with her fellow connoisseurs.

Tea lovers everywhere need not look far for the latest information and opinions on their favorite brews! The internet steeps with dead and active blogs alike, recounting travels, experiences and – of course – tastes from around the world. Newcomers and seasoned veterans both can find something to love and appreciate with these fantastic resources.

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