78 Mouth-Watering Baking Blogs You Need to Bookmark

The art of baking can be difficult to get down, but once you have it, you’re able to let your creativity soar, creating new recipes and concocting sweet treats on a whim. Everyone loves to have someone around that bakes and these blogs and websites will improve your baking whether you’re a novice or have owned a Kitchen-Aid mixer since the ‘70s.

bankingGeneral Baking Blogs

These blogs and websites cover baking of all types and include tips to get you primed for big projects.

    1. Sweet Treats Baking This blog has amazing recipes for”squares,” which translates to deliciously sweet bars of chocolate, peanut butter and caramel.

    2. My Baking Addiction The writer of this site guides you through making everything from dark chocolate chip cookies to beer bread.

    3. King Arthur Flour This brand knows how to take advantage of social media and provides recipes and baking tip for readers.

    4. Obsessed with Baking From tarts to cookies to crunch bars, this blogger’s busy sharing a myriad of baking recipes with readers.

    5. Baking with Dynamite Baking and workout tips in one place? It’s all here, as the blogger shows you how to tone your arms and how to create a mean ginger snap.

    6. Choos and Chews This blog is part-travel and part-baking, but when the baking occurs, it’s amazing. Red velvet cake and various squares can be found here.

    7. Happy Home Baking At this site you’ll find plenty of cooking recipes, with a good bulk of them being baking recipes for chiffon cakes and breakfast scones.

    8. Knives Cooks Love This blog from cook superstore Sur La Table, no longer publishes, but the archived posts are full of baking tips on things like how to arrange a pastry tray for display.

    9. Eat Me Delicious A site packed with vegetarian baking recipes, including veggie scones and apple almond cake.

    10. Sherry Starts Cooking Beginners will see that everyone has to start somewhere. Sherry shows you how to cook and bake with amazing concoctions like zuchinni cupcakes and white chocolate raspberry scones.

    11. My Baking Adventures This blogger brings you fabulous recipes for lemon cake and unique snickerdoodles topped with a dallop of chocolate.

    12. Tuesdays with Dorie This blog is like a network for baking bloggers with recipes reviewed and new ones left for others to try. The recipes range from breads to cakes and more.

    13. Honey and Jam This site bills itself as a food photography site and you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous images of scones and cakes.

    14. Food Librarian This librarian turned blogger is tackling baking from scratch and has recipes for cream puffs, making the blog a must-read.

    15. Ryan’s Baking Blog Vanilla bean cupcakes and gluten free chocolate cupcakes are just the tip of the iceberg of inventive baking recipes found at this blog.

Bread Baking Blogs and Websites

Fresh baked bread…there’s nothing like it! These blogs have a flair for teaching us the tricks of the trade when it comes to baking breads of all types at home.

    16. A Whisk and a Spoon There are many baking recipes on this blog, but the bread recipes for oatmeal breakfast bread and the cocoa nana bread.

    17. Airy Fairy Cupcakes Delicious bread recipes that are innovative and easy to bake for guests.

    18. The Knead for Bread Bread recipes that will make you shun a loaf of grocery store white bread. The recipes are easy-to-follow and give bread a new dimension.

    19. Mennonite Girls Can Cook This Mennonite cooking blog has tons of recipes for gluten-free bread that looks delicious.

    20. The Fresh Loaf This site is focused on bread and the active forum has the best-of-the-best pizza dough recipes.

Baking Cookies Blogs and Websites

The perfect cookie is something that many bakers, amateur and professional, try to achieve. Learn how you can bring their expert tips into your kitchen when baking cookies.

    21. Cookie Madness As the name suggests, the focus at this blog is cookies. It has cute recipes for holidays like Halloween.

    22. The Chocolate Pot This blog has many enticing recipes for the baker in all of us, but the cookie recipes are unique and intricate with plenty of tips for adhering decorations.

    23. Slow Like Honey This personal blog has easy cookie recipes that will keep everyone satisfied.

    24. BitterSweet This cooking blog has an affinity for cookies and the recipes are surprisingly easy and not-so-surprisingly delicious.

    25. Not Without Salt At this blog you’ll find cookie recipes that stand head and shoulders above the typical chocolate chip cookie we’re all used to.

    26. Nosh With Me This baker is up for trying any baking recipe, but seems to have a soft spot for cookies since there are recipes galore on this site.

CakeCake Blogs and Websites

Cakes have taken off and these blogs and websites show you that gorgeous creations can be made right in your very own kitchen.

    27. Let Her Bake Cake This personal blog covers traveling to find various sweets while the blogger’s own baking focuses on cakes of all types, including a nifty Depression-era recipe.

    28. Bake Your Heart Out From tortinis to tres leches, the cake recipes found on this blog are accessible, but still unique.

    29. Cake Journal This blog is all about teaching you the art of cake design, how to acquire the tools and what to do with them.

    30. Pink Cake Box A professional wedding baker shows you her unbelievable work that will inspire you to get creative.

    31. Half-Baked – The Cake Blog This blog provides intense visual inspiration for those who are looking for new ideas to do with their cakes and cupcakes.

    32. The Cake Blog You’ll be wowed by the creative cakes at this blog. Cakes include a giant iPod, as well as handbags and shoes.

    33. Cake Decorating Blog Here you’ll find cake decorating tips galore and how-to directions on how to pull off the perfect smiley face or princess-like details .

    34. Cake Space If you dabble in pro baking and need ideas for baby showers or weddings, this is the blog to visit for innovative decorating techniques that will wow your client.

    35. Delicious Cake Recipes Recipes for basic cakes can be found here and there’s also an array of low-fat versions.

    36. Fat Free Vegan This site has recipes for baked goods (primarily cakes) that are fat free and vegan. Can this possibly make a delicious cake? You be the judge!

    37. Sweet Bites Blog Your mouth will water at the fantastic recipes featured on this blog for chocolate covered strawberry cake and a riveting chocolate layered cake finished with a ganache.

    38. Cae Mix Doctor Can you substitute this ingredient for that ingredient? Find out what can and can’t be done when it comes to baking the ideal cake.

    39. Cakes and More This Australian blog no longer updates, but has archived posts on cake decorating that will benefit newcomers to the semi-pro cake world.

    40. Cake Decorating Blog Tips on cake decorating that will help take the amateur’s skills to the next level.

    41. Cake Wrecks This is one of the most visited blogs by bakers and laymen alike. There’s nothing like a good cake gone bad.

Cupcakes Blogs and Websites

The cupcake craze continues and these blogs and websites on the tiny treats will have you craving a batch of your own.

    42. Eat My Cupcake Recipes that revolve around cupcakes, with the occasion cookie thrown in. Also see the fantastic recipe for King’s Cake, a Southern favorite for Mardi Gras season.

    43. How to Eat a Cupcake This blog has recently come to a close (the blogger is opening up a cupcake business), but the recipes are still for the taking and include delicious cupcakes and sweet breads.

    44. I Heart Cuppy Cakes Tips every cupcake baker needs, including how to DIY your own cupcake displays for get-togethers.

    45. Cupcake Blog You’ll be inspired to get in the kitchen and get cooking with these fantastic recipes for unique cupcakes you won’t find anywhere else.

    46. All Things Cupcake Cozy up to cupcakes like never before with this amazing blog penned by an Australian who is always after the next great thing in the world of cupcakes.

    47. 52 Cupcakes For those who want some serious cupcake eye candy, this blog is the place to be.

    48. Cupcake Takes the Cake Cupcake recipes and cupcake news from around the world, including a look at the rise of cupcakes in mainstream bakeries.

    49. Chocky Lit This site no longer publishes (under this name), but has loads of archived cupcake recipes that will make your mouth water.

    50. Cupcake Rehab Cupcake recipes that are delicious and some that are even fit for your pup!

    51. Kumquat Cupcakery This New York City cupcake shop interacts with cupcakes lovers via their slick blog which is full of new cupcakes and events and updated often.

    52. Cupcake Project While the cupcake recipes on this blog are fantastic, it’s the made-from-scratch frosting recipes that really makes the site stand out.

    53. Baa Baa Cupcake This blog has invaluable tips for the novice cupcake baker and for those who do some freelance work, she has tips on how to bake cupcakes in bulk.

    54. My Cupcake Day Here you’ll find images galore of what else? Cupcakes! Cupcakes of all sizes for all occasions can be found here.

    55. The Cupcakery Blog Get delicious recipes you won’t find elsewhere such as rum-filled cupcakes.

    56. Cupcake Frenzy This site no longer updates, but the cupcake recipes are still available and range from basic vanilla cupcakes to impressive white chocolate frosting recipes.

Basic Steps of Baking Baking 101

Surely your mouth is watering by now, but maybe you don’t have the skills to bake? Check out these blogs and websites to get you started in the right direction.

    57. Joy the Baker The recipes on this blog are great for starter bakers and include fun items like goat’s milk pops (no baking required).

    58. Baking Bites Tips for baking nearly anything from tarts to cakes and where to find equipment that suits your baking style .

    59. Lovin’ From the Oven Bakers will adore this site that walks you through seemingly difficult recipes that are easy to pull and thus impress co-workers and family members.

    60. Bake Space At this site, bakers unite. View recipes and essential baking tips for beginners who aren’t sure how to tell when a cake’s done.

    61. Mixing Bowl This is a social networking site for those who love to bake and has plenty of chatter going on that will answer your burning baking questions.

    62. Lick the Spoon Read the exploits of this self-taught baker’s mistakes and learn the kinks she’s worked out while baing.

    63. Real Baking with Rose This professional baker and author shares tricks with readers and shows you how to go from amateur to expert in no time.

    64. Baking Obsession If you’re into baking and feel you’ve tried every recipe, this is the blog to check out for inventive recipes like zucchini parmesean muffins (our mouths are watering too!).

    65. Dessert First This dessert lover shares recipes that are suited for the more seasoned baker. Tarts, rolls and other interesting dessert recipes are available.

    66. Cream Puffs in Venice Showstopping recipes that are simple to pull off for entertaining friends and family. Check out the recipe on how to make the perfect buttercream frosting.

Additional Baking Tips

These blogs have great ideas for baking and give you insight to less conventional desserts like tarts.

    67. My Wooden Spoon This is a blog with baking recipes for those who have spent little time in the kitchen. The breakdown is easy to follow and will be a great intro to baking.

    68. My Tartlette If you think tarts are reserved for little old ladies and laden with sticky fruit, think again. The tart recipes featured on this blog are luscious and will have you making pastries in no time.

    69. Joe Pastry This blog gives you history lessons in the baked recipes it features, proving it’s best to know where your food comes from.

    70. ChocaBlog A good baker should know their chocolate and this blog will get you ready for identifying the sweet flavor that works for different baked goods.

    71. Technicolor Kitchen Indulge your inner baker with recipes for marmalade bread pudding and chunky chocolate cookies.

    72. Cherrapeno This blog is about cooking in general, but has lots of recipes for cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats.

    73. Andrea’s Recipes New baking ideas for those who grown their own food or love to work with fresh ingredients for quality baking results.

    74. Savory Sweet Life For the baker with a few cakes and cookies under their belt, this is a great blog to explore for slightly difficult recipes that require some unusual ingredients and skill.

    75. Bake or Break This blogger walks you through simple baking recipes that look impressive when the job is done.

    76. Recipe Girl A great place for beginners because it has classic recipes like banana nut bread, chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake.

    77. Pastry Pal Learn baking tips from this former professional baker and you’ll whip up baked goods weekly.

    BONUS: 78. A sweet affaire, come bake with Chefany! A baking blog with the emphasis on instruction and fun. Not to mention, Stephany is one of the nicest bloggers around!

Baking is a fun hobby, whether you are compensated for hundreds of wedding cupcakes or simply see the smiles it brings to family members as the gobble the treats. Remember that practice makes perfect with baking, as measurements and timing are crucial parts of a successful at-home baking experience.

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